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Our siding contractors have the expertise to remove and replace vinyl, wood, and fiber cement siding. We have accounts with major suppliers so you can choose the brand and material. If you would like a quote for repair or replacement siding give us a call today.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is a great option for any home because of the customization ability of the material. Unlike other siding materials, you can finish the material with paints, oils, or use the natural color of the wood. Wood is a very durable and eco-friendly option compared to other materials. Depending on the manufacturer, maintenance, and region climate you can expect this material to last 10-50 years.

While wood siding has many great customizable and environmentally friendly features, you will find yourself having to do larger amounts of maintenance with this material. You will have to treat your wood siding regularly to prevent insects and lower fire risks, along with the regular reapplication of choice color finish.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a great inexpensive option for any home and is installed on more than 30% of homes in the United States. This material is customizable and requires very little maintenance. Vinyl siding is also very easy to install and repair leading to lower maintenance and repair costs. Vinyl siding will also never fade, rot, warp or crack unless an object damages the siding. Depending on the brand and regional climate you can expect vinyl siding to last up to 50 years.

Vinyl is a great option for homeowners who want a beautiful product at a low price. This product has many great benefits, but it is not as durable as other siding materials. A fallen branch or heavy hail could damage the material leading to higher repair and replacement costs.


Top Vinyl Siding Brands: CertainTeed, Mastic, and Alside.

Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement siding is a new product hitting the siding industry and is gaining in popularity with home owners. Fiber Cement is material made of a combination of cement, sand, and cellulous fibers and is generally designed to mimic the look of wood siding. Depending on the manufacturer, regional weather, and maintenance you can expect this product to last 50+ years.

Fiber Cement can be thought of as a hybrid form of wood and vinyl siding. It has the durability and appearance of wood as well as the lower cost and maintenance of vinyl siding. The upkeep of fiber cement siding is very minimal and is not susceptible to termites or other insects that could damage wood materials.


Top Fiber Cement Brands: James Hardie Hardiplank, CertainTeed, and Nichiha.

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