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Wood Window Experts

Metropolitan Contractors provides replacement wood windows for any residential homes. We recommend purchasing your replacement windows from Simonton or Lansing, but we can also install any other brand of replacement windows you wish to purchase for your home. Not sure if you need replacement windows? You can find out by visiting our replacement windows page.

Benefits of Wood Windows

Wood windows have a traditional look that will bring large amounts of warmth into any home. With wood windows you have many color customization options – allowing you to best match your windows with the current décor of your home.

Wooden replacement windows are also known for great insulation of your home with very minimal condensation. In addition to the insulation of your home they also provide a noise buffer to minimize the amount of sound entering or leaving your home. Wood is also a renewable resource making it the top Eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious home owner.

Level of Maintenance

The added benefit of customization also comes with increased maintenance. Wood windows require a large amount of maintenance because you will have to stain or paint the wood periodically over the lifetime of the windows. You will also need to maintain the water and insect treatments over the lifetime of the windows to prevent rotting of the wood.

If you are looking for replacement windows that require less maintenance then we suggest you look at our vinyl replacement windows. If wood windows are right for your home then contact one of our friendly staff members to schedule an estimate.

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