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A storm can cause a large amount of external and internal damage to a home; including the damage from falling trees, debris, or hail. We work with your insurance provider to repair siding, windows, and roofing. As a preferred vendor with major insurance providers we can provide a quicker project completion date compared to other contractors.

Types of storm damage

Over the past 20 years, we have seen large amounts of damage to residential and commercial buildings caused by hurricanes and winter storms. Any situation where high winds are involved puts your home at risk for damage. One of the most common damages caused by storms is from fallen trees.

If your home has just experienced damage from a fallen tree, we can be there immediately to start examining the extent of the damage to your home. We don’t provide the service of removing the tree from your home, but we can provide you with references for a reliable tree removal company.

Getting a contractor involved early on in the process can lead to a quicker insurance claim and ultimately a quicker repair of your storm damage.

Preventing storm damage

If you live in a heavily wooded area, we recommend you talk with a tree Removal Company to evaluate which trees are putting your home at risk.

Make sure that your roofing and siding are rated for the typical winds that your region receives. Choosing products and materials that are not strong enough to handle your regional weather can lead to a large cost in repair and replacement.

Evaluate the areas of your home that could be at risk for storm damage and create an action plan to prevent further damage to your home. Make sure you have nylon tarps and boards on hand to cover up exposed areas of your home during a storm to prevent water damage.

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