Advantages of Remodeling During an Insurance Claim

Nobody enjoys having to file an insurance claim for damages to one’s home. Home is where we nest. It’s where we make so many of our memories. And it’s where we feel most secure. When unforeseen damages occur to our sanctuary, it’s a difficult time and a troublesome process. Homeowners may be tempted to simply make their claim and call it a day. However, filing an insurance claim may just be the perfect time to make some serious
improvements to your home.

Before we begin, some quick “housekeeping.” First, ensure that your home insurance plan includes a rebuild cost. This is often written in plans as “dwelling replacement cost.” Rebuild cost is an important aspect of your home insurance, and something you should insist upon when choosing a plan. Once you’ve confirmed that your insurance covers a rebuild, the options open up tremendously and are almost limitless. Let’s dive into some of the many
advantages of remodeling when filing a claim, and examine some techniques for making the most of your rebuild.

Often in life, problems and issues arise that contain blessings in disguise. While nobody wants to have to make an insurance claim on their home, this misfortune also carries with it a golden opportunity to enhance the value of your home while remodeling your living space in innovative, aesthetic, and practical ways. If a contractor is already going to be in your home for the repairs, remodeling at the same time is an no-brainer.

Since the unforeseen circumstances behind your claim have already forced you to make repairs, why not think creatively about ways to maximize the positive impact of these improvements? Should you decide to sell your home down the road or simply nestle in long-term, an intelligent remodel can improve your day to day life as well as hike up your home’s market price. What’s more, your insurance claim will likely cover many of the expenses of the
remodel, such as demolition, drywall, painting and floor coverings. Any upgrades not covered by your insurance in order to put your house back together the way it was before the damage, is considered extras to the homeowner. This means you can pull off a dream remodel to save from having a contractor out again for that dreamy project you have been wanting to compete.

“Like Kind and Quality”

Typically, insurance companies are responsible for restoring your home to the “like kind and quality” it was before the claim. Use this damage as your time to take advantage of your home being repaired and fold a remodel into a claim. We will enter the “like kind and quality” into the insurance estimate and anything over and beyond (not approved by the insurance company) will be written up separately for the homeowner to make a choice if it is a good time to remodel based on the price.

When you are planning a remodel during an insurance claim, make sure you choose your general contractor wisely. For the immediate clean-up steps, a professional remediation team is probably your best bet. Metropolitan Contractors is the very best (in our professional opinion). But once the initial mess has been cleaned up, you want to be working with the right contractor for the job. It is helpful to choose a contractor who has previous experience working within the context of an insurance claim, as they can provide invaluable assistance and help you to navigate the process.

Now that you’ve confirmed your plan’s “dwelling replacement cost,” and found a fantastic contractor (us) whose vision resonates with yours, you can move forward with repairing and improving your home. The key word for this process is creativity. Remember “like kind and quality,” and think outside the box in terms of avenues to freshen up the look of your home and increase curb appeal without overextending your budget. Read on for a list of some fun and pragmatic renovation ideas just to get your mind brainstorming.

Ideas For A Well-Targeted Remodel

● Upgrade and repaint your front door. This increases curb allure and boosts overall attractiveness. The front door is, after all, your home’s most prominent forward facing feature.
● Enhance lighting. Lighting sets the ambience of a space; it’s significance cannot be overstated. Utilize warm, soft lights to bathe your furnishings in a captivating glow.
● Improve your garage door. Form follows function. Garage doors are where security and aesthetics meet, have fun with it.
● Add a wooden deck. Creating a new space outside your home not only enhances its overall charm and beauty, but also provides an engaging area for backyard barbeques, birthday celebrations and romantic summer evening dinners.
● Refresh the kitchen. We all remember house parties in college, where everyone would always congregate in the kitchen, even when there was a perfectly suitable living room beside it. There’s something about kitchens. It’s where we instinctively gather and it’s where we connect with loved ones over food. Revamping your kitchen is a boost to the sales price when you go to sell your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodels up the price and get the home sold in a timely fashion.
● Use surfaces that can be easily deep-cleaned. Whether it’s the stucco in front of your house or the granite countertop of your basement bar, everything about a home looks better when it’s kept sparkling and pristine.
● Energy efficient windows. Windows are where the light comes in. Is there any other single feature of a home more critical for a delightful feng shui? But windows also play a key role in insulation, which is why triple-pane energy efficient windows are a good improvement to make. These windows can be pricey up front but they pay for themselves over time through lower power bills and various tax breaks.
● Revive that old fireplace. Extreme heat, water damage and wear and tear can really do a number on a fireplace. Why not reseal, repaint and revitalize your hearth so you can once again appreciate the comfort and magic of those snug and toasty fireside evenings with loved ones?

Make Your Remodel Work For You

The above renovation ideas are just to get your mind rolling as you embark on the enlivening task of re-envisioning your space. Of course every home is unique and every person’s taste is different, so certain projects will call to you more than others. Trust that instinct. After all, nobody knows what you want in your home better than you.

Every cloud does have a silver lining. While the stress of suffering damages to one’s home is difficult to overstate, and the process can seem overwhelming, take heart. With the right insurance plan, a creative mindset and an experienced quality contractor in place, the possibilities presented by such misfortune can far outweigh the hassles

Dream big! What would your ideal dwelling space look like? Slough off limited thinking, look at the glass half-full, and relax into this felicitous opportunity to improve your home, increase its value and re-invigorate your dwelling space. Whether you sell or stay, folding a smart and targeted remodel into an insurance claim is a fantastic way to make lovely, lively and lucrative lemonade from the lemons of unexpected damage to your home.

Happy repairing and definitely happy remodeling!