Fire Damage

If you needfire damage restoration services for your home in Northern Virginia, turn tothe professionals at Metropolitan Contractors. Since opening our doors in 1991,our mission has been to provide high-quality workmanship and restorationservices in Northern Virginia & Greater Washington D.C. Our innovativesolutions set us apart from the competition, giving us opportunities to helpour clients in stressful and difficult situations. Meet with one of ourqualified representatives to understand how our restoration services work.

How Do You Recover Your Home After Fire Damage?

After ahouse fire, you’re likely wondering what the next steps are. Safety is alwaysthe top priority, and you should ensure you and your family are safe.Additionally, consider the safety of your home following the fire, which dependson the extent of the damage and what parts of the house were affected. You’llwant to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider as soon as possible andwork with a professional fire restoration company to provide both temporarysolutions and permanent restoration services.

What Is the Best Way To Clean Fire Damage?

Cleaning upafter a fire requires specialized processes to effectively remove smoke andsoot and restore damaged parts of your home. It’s important to choose an experiencedhome restoration company offering dedicated fire restoration services to ensurethis process is handled correctly.

Our Fire Damage Repair Services

MetropolitanContractors provides 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services. Theseservices include boarding up, tarping, and shoring. From there, we can help yourebuild your home and restore normalcy with our accurate constructionestimates, CPM schedules, design solutions, permitting services, and more. Ourfire restoration services can include smoke damage cleanup, soot removal, andrestoration services to rebuild the siding, roofing, and other elements of your home thefire may have damaged.

Navigating the Insurance Claims Process for Fire Damage

There is no need to stress over reading long, detailed insurance estimates on your own—wewill walk you through all phases of the process and answer all your questions. Thefirst steps are critical if your family is displaced due to the fire. You don’tneed high-pressure sales tactics or to be coerced into signing documents. Thiscan (and should be) a collaborative process coordinating all parties involved,including:

  • The initial insurance adjuster
  •  The mortgage company representative (if you have a mortgage)
  •  Your fire damage restoration contractor (Metropolitan Contractors)
  • You,the homeowner

Together,these parties can complete a fire damage assessment, review any design orconstruction documentation (such as PE or architect-stamped drawings and buildingpermits), and ensure that building code and permitting requirements are met.

You willl earn all important terms that will be used throughout the project, like depreciation,pre-loss condition, ordinance or law coverage (code upgrades), supplements,equal or lesser value materials (like, kind, and quality), and how all of thisapplies to repairing or rebuilding your home. At Metropolitan Contractors, weserve as your ally and advocate, helping to simplify everything so that you canfocus on getting your life back on track and getting you and your family backhome as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Fire Restoration & Remodeling Services

Were youputting off some remodeling projects before your home was damaged, or did yourproperty need upgrades? We can include your remodeling plans in our repair and restoration process. Don’t let firedamage dampen your spirits—take the opportunity to remodel and achieve yourdream home.

Contact Metropolitan Contractors today and talk to one of our qualified representativesabout our fire damage restoration services. We are pleased to be the home restoration and renovation specialists you can rely on in theNorthern Virginia area.