Transform Your Space with Timeless Tile

Install elegant tile in the home with Metropolitan Contractors. Read on to find out all the positives of installing tile within your home. Homeowners are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to get the best bang for their buck when remodeling their homes. The ideal remodel project achieves multiple aims at once. Ideally, you want your project to a) imbue the space with a fresh new look, b) utilize creative and inventive design trends in order to increase overall aesthetic appeal and flow, and c) fetch an excellent return on investment (ROI). Nobody wants to pour money into a project without the expectation of getting it back.

So, all that considered, what’s a home remodeling project that achieves all of these aims, and more? Look no further than fabulous, durable, versatile tile. Tile is an underappreciated and under-utilized aspect of any home remodeling endeavor. And at Metropolitan Contractors, we are the tile experts, so you are in good hands. Let’s take a look at some potential motivating factors in your decision to focus on tile, and then we'll explore some specific potential tile projects for your next remodeling project.

Why is Tile the Ideal Material for My Next Home Project?

  • Tile is Water Resistant and Durable.

Water damage is a main cause of depreciation and dilapidation in a home. Tile, however, doesn’t warp, bubble, or crumble from water damage. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are especially impervious to water, and thus a good quality tile installation is a great defense against the stains and smears of serious water damage.

Tile is Beautiful. Tile is, simply put, incredibly attractive. There is a reason that millions of people around the world visit architectural sites and frequent handsomely built museums packed with priceless works of art, much of which were made with tile. Tile is considered to be a “true material,” in that it has been consistently sought after and adored through the ages, and surely will continue to remain a prominent feature of classic homes, opulent palaces and timeless pieces of art for ages to come.

Tile is Versatile. Tile can be used for a wide variety of floors and surfaces in the home. Whether you’re working on the bathroom, the kitchen, the patio or the garage, there’s a place for attractive tile to be installed, and an opportunity for it to add class and value to your home.

  • Tile Adds Value.

Well-installed floor and wall tiles can significantly boost the value of your home, and offer a superb return on investment. Unlike vinyl or laminate, whose limited lifespans can turn a buyer off, tiles are consistently ranked top among materials that rank high in increasing property value and fetching solid returns on investment. And when you work with the experienced tile experts at Metropolitan Contractors, we’ll make sure your project is executed excellently and on time.

A Time to Restore, A Time to Replace

There will come a time when replacing your tile flooring will become a necessity, but it’s wise to replace only if and when you must. If restoring your tile is still an option, you will likely want to save money, headaches and time by choosing that route. But how do you know for sure whether there is still an opportunity to restore your tile, or if it’s time for a full replacement? Follow these helpful tips below, and when in doubt, make sure to consult the tile experts at Metropolitan Contractors to make your final determination.

Signs You Can Still Restore Your Tile

If you observe any of the following, act immediately while there is still time to restore your tile.

Crumbling Grout. When your grout begins to crumble, collect water, and scratch, it’s time to refurbish or replace it. Damaged grout can start a chain reaction leading to bigger problems like cracks and breakage.

  • Grimy Grout.

Grout with dirt and grime embedded in it is a bad look, and requires prompt cleaning and refurbishing.

  • Lack of Shine.

When your tile looks dull and faded, the whole room can look dull and faded. Give your space some love and re-shine the tiles.

  • Small Chips or Holes.

Most small chips and holes are easily repaired, and should thus be sealed immediately.

  • Stains.

Most difficult stains require specialized cleaning supplies and tools to remove. At Metropolitan Contractors, we have everything you need for this (and any other) job.

  • Water Invasion.

Washington D.C. averages over 40 inches of rain annually. That’s a good amount of precipitation (and in fact the district used to be a swamp before human habitation). When a home is built, all kinds of efforts are made to keep water and moisture out of the living space. Grout, for example, is designed to keep water from getting underneath your beautiful tiles, but too often the grout is incorrectly installed, the seal cracks and breaks around the tiles, and water is thus able to invade. This will lead to all sorts of horrible outcomes, such as mold and/or fungal growth that can be dangerous to your health. And gross to look at. Thus, any signs of water seepage demands immediate action. Hiring the tile experts at Metropolitan Contractors will ensure your tile gets installed right, the first time.

Replacing Your Tile: When You Know It’s Time

When tile is beyond repair, it must be replaced. If your tile has any of the following conditions, that tiled dog ain’t gonna hunt no more, and it is time to replace it:

Broken or Cracked Tiles. Broken tile must be replaced, especially when the breaks are large, multiple, salient and impossible to ignore.

  • Loose Tiles

. Loose tiles can become safety issues, and can allow moisture to seep underneath and cause still more damage. Loose tiles can also be a sign of a structural issue. Thus, this issue should be investigated immediately.

  • Missing Tiles

. There’s no other way around this one, missing tiles must be replaced. Consider it a sign from the Universe that an awesome tile project is in your cards. And make sure you hire the tile mavens at Metropolitan Contractors to help you do it right.

What Tile Projects Should I Prioritize?

Now that you’ve been convinced of the utility of integrating tile into your next remodeling project, you may be wondering which tile projects to tackle first. Read on for some contemporary design trend ideas for beautifying your space and increasing your home’s value.

  • Mudroom Makeover.

Mudrooms can become cluttered and chaotic quickly if one is not careful. But fear not! By replacing outdated flooring with a chic tile design, you can create a space that is both stylish and efficient. In so doing, you will transform the everyday disarray of your mudroom into something calming and classic, complete with charm, warmth and character. Water resistant and durable, tiles are the only real practical choice of flooring for mudrooms, laundry rooms, and other messy utility areas of your home.

  • Fireplace Refinishing.

Tiles are elegant, modern, and sharp, and thus provide the perfect safe and stylish choice for fireplace surrounds. Go with a star and cross pattern for a brisk Mediterranean design, add a Spanish-inspired print to transform your home into a lively casita, utilize herringbone mosaics for a classic look, or integrate colorful stones for breezy, coastal finish. For a rustic look, opt for wood-look designs in sturdy porcelain, marble, or glass. With a wide range of styles and price points to choose from, you have endless opportunities for a fireplace makeover that will completely transform and elevate your living room.

  • Elevate your Bathroom.

If you're considering a bathroom renovation, one of the most important decisions is which bathroom tile design to choose. The right tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom remodel, adding drama and style to your space. Mix subtle and bold tiles for a beautiful and intriguing contrast, add texture and dimension with zigzagging chevron tiles, make your shower stand out with a statement tile mosaic wall, or dazzle with deep and dramatic pitch black matte finish tiles.

  • Backyard Kitchen Upgrade.

If you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, consider installing surface covering, such as an eye-grabbing tile backsplash. Creative use of tile design makes a striking statement to your grill area or outdoor kitchen island.

What Should I Do With Leftover Tiles?

Almost as much fun as the main tile project, getting creative with any leftover tiles offers an endless array of opportunities to spruce up your space and inject some compelling and exquisite artistic elements into your home. The possibilities are endless, but just to get your thought process started, here are a few ideas for fun DIY projects using your leftover tiles.

  • Brighten Curb Appeal with a Mosaic Number Plaque.

Jazz up your entryway way with a handmade, homemade mosaic number sign.

  • Upgrade A Serving Table.

Turn your table into a eye-catching vintage masterpiece by covering it with designer tiles.

  • Industrial-style Tiled Mirror.

Be the envy of your apartment complex by creating a trendy wall-size mirror using mirrored tiles.

  • Tile a Bath Panel.

If you have a few tiles left over from that fantastic bathroom floor project, don't stop there. Consider continuing the color and pattern up onto the bath panel, and instantly inject some classy organic vibes into your washroom.

Trust The Experts at Metro

Whatever the project and no matter the season, home renovations and remodeling represent challenging projects for a homeowner to complete. But rest assured: making the beauty of your home stand out like a Spring wildflower, while increasing its value, is just another beautiful day here at Metropolitan Contractors. We have remodeled thousands of homes during the Spring months. Because of the complexity and risks of home renovations, it pays to hire expert remodelers like our team at Metropolitan Contractors.

Our specialists are equipped with the experience, know-how and training to handle even the most complicated remodeling tasks. No matter the job, our team always does it right the first time. We know how to make all the nuanced changes you desire for your home without causing any damage to the underlying structure, and without compromising aesthetics and style.

Metropolitan Contractors Has A Long History of Transforming Homes

Beginning in 1991 as a Class A Licensed and Insured General Contractor in Northern Virginia, we had initially focused primarily on custom home renovations (interior and exterior), room additions, and common areas. We have the necessary certifications and real-world experience to successfully estimate, design and build beautiful and functional dream kitchens.

We’ve taken our 32+ years of custom kitchen remodeling expertise to homeowners with the most complete home restoration experience Northern Virginia has to offer. Taking our years of experience and processes as a custom remodeler/builder, and applying these same standards to repairing homes damaged by Fire, Water or Storms, we have been able to offer that same “custom touch” approach and excellence standards to repairing or rebuilding homes covered by an insurance policy. There are clear differences between the two remodeling modalities, but understanding the reality of the process, and utilizing insights we have gleaned over the years, can provide unique opportunities to clients that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Why Choose Metropolitan Contractors for Your Remodel?

Restoring or remodeling your home quickly and efficiently is important, but it is just as important that the repairs are done correctly. This is why we take the time to listen to and truly hear our clients, and to fully understand their repair and remodeling expectations. We will discuss each step of the process and collaborate with you to make sure that your repairs and remodeling exceed all of your expectations.

Creating a clearly defined plan upfront is probably the most important step. Whether we are producing new architectural plans, working from existing ones, or merely creating a rough draft upfront, we work to ensure that all stakeholders involved are on the same page. We have worked hard to build a reputation of providing the highest quality services, and we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers.

Here at Metropolitan Contractors, we also provide smaller damage repairs or improvements for commercial and residential buildings such as replacement windows, siding, roofing, moving walls, flooring, & the best water damage restoration services in Centreville, Fairfax, and all across Northern VA.

All restoration and remodeling projects are conducted by experienced and time-tested professionals. If the repairs or replacement work to be performed is part of an insurance claim, we have years of experience in negotiating the scope of work and associated costs with your insurance adjuster.* We, however, represent you as the Owner and our primary responsibility.

We understand that serious damage repairs can’t wait, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency services to help our customers start the rebuilding process as quickly as possible. When fire or water damage restoration is needed, it’s important to act quickly to avoid further problems.

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